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My journey with holistic health started almost a decade ago. In 2013, I found myself scared and powerless trying to find solutions to help my son. He was born with a rare autoimmune disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE). I became desperate to find solutions that were not being provided through traditional medicine. I quickly became determined to not only find solutions, but to educate and support other parents who were told “there are no other options” like I was. Little did I know then, this would start a journey to helping thousands of people to support their bodies to do what they were designed to do...naturally! 

All the tenacity, tools and experience was preparing me for the greatest battle to come. In 2018, my then 6-year-old daughter, was diagnoses with a cancerous Ganglioneuroblastoma the size of a softball on her spine. Nothing will shut your entire world down like hearing the word “cancer” when it effects your child. I had never been more grateful for being empowered with knowledge of holistic modalities. As I watched my 6-year-old baby girl find bravery, faith and determination through using holistic options, my heart was filled with so much pride. Being able to celebrate her being cancer FREE for 4 years, without the need 
of chemotherapy or radiation is simply the greatest gift! 
I’m here to help you and would be honored to be a part of you find holistic options 
to improve your health. 

— Coach Michelle
"I'm a wife and a mother of two.  I was sick and tired of my kiddos getting every germ and being sick all they time.  I was looking for natural solutions to help prevent colds and boost our immune systems naturally!! Boy, these “oils” have changed the health and wellness in our home. I have found my passion sharing these amazing essential oils as I have seen first-hand how they have worked in my home and for others! Not only have I empowered myself and my family, but I’ve also helped many along the way. My goal is to empower so many more. 
If you are looking to ditch toxins, make better choices, for overall optimal health and choose natural solutions then you are in the right place. It feels so good to know you have your Aka “tool kit” natural medicine cabinet. If you're ready to learn how simple it is to Incorporate these tools in your home.  Let’s connect and get your Free Wellness consult set up." 
— Coach Leticia

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